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Dynamics NowAndThen helps you to organize your child’s schedule with simple and effective visual prompts.

The NowAndThen main concept is to illustrate to the child the task at hand as well as the reward for completing it. This will reduce anxiety, increase unwanted behaviours, and increase anticipation for the reward.

For example,

  • Now – you do writing, Then – you can play with bubbles
  • Now – you do homework, Then – you can go to the playground
  • Now – you read a book, Then – have a snack

This app can also be used to teach your child:
Cause and effect:
e.g. Now – Raining, Then – need umbrella
Sequence of 2 step activities:
Now – bathe, Then – go to sleep

NowAndThen uses clear and colourful pictures to visually show what is expected of the child. It also gives a visual reminder to what is required “now”, and what comes next. It can be used in the classroom, at home, during outings, and whenever the child may not be cooperative and need structure. The App will show the child the reward he/she is working for, which will enhance his/her willingness to participate in non-preferred activities.

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