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Dynamics TaskNReward helps parents to organize their children’s schedule with a simple and effective visual schedule.

The Task & Reward Concept is to show the child what he/she is required to do before they can receive a reward. With our unique system of visual schedule, parents can support their children’s “working session” with visuals to make sure that they know what is expected of them. Task & Reward allows a progression in the amount of tasks that the child is required to do before he/she gets a reward or takes a break. Our system will help to improve the management of the child’s behaviour as well as progressively increase the attention span to tasks.

TaskNReward allows parents to individualise their children’s schedule by using pre-set pictures that include different tasks and rewards. Alternatively, they can also take a picture of the actual task that the child is required to perform and the actual reward that he/she will receive. Parents can also offer the child a choice for their rewards.

The app allows sound recording to further individualise the visual schedule. It also gives immediate rewards such as awarding “stars” and emitting verbal praise upon the completion of the task. The final reward that will be given at the end of the working session will also be visible.

TaskNReward can be used to instruct a sequence of activities and routines such as performing morning or evening routines, by using pictures to show the child the steps they need to follow.

Clear and colourful pictures are used to visually show what is expected of the child. It also gives a visual reminder to what is required “now”, and the resulting reward. It can be used in the classroom, at home, during outings, and whenever the child may not be cooperative and need structure. The App will show the child the reward he/she is working for, which will enhance his/her willingness to participate in non-preferred activities.

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