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Visual Task Manager embedded in a calendar developed by a team of Speech Therapists and Educators.

  • Is your child having difficulties adjusting to change in routine?
  • Does your child need to be informed all the time what comes next?
  • Are changes in activities making your child nervous?
  • Is your child having a hard time in transitions between activities?
  • How can you help your child function better on a daily basis?

V-Taskit is the answer!

What is V-Taskit?

V-Taskit is a Visual Task Manager in Calendar. The App allows parents to add tasks to the visual calendar of the child. The app is visually attractive and has a visual and educational component to it. Tasks can be set as events in the calendar and every event can be broken down to activities that provide the steps need to be taken to complete the task.

The app allows give visual and audio support in a multimedia format: The App includes over 500 symbols designed specifically to help children with individual needs to be able to understand. There are over 50 videos that describe and teach how to perform certain ADL and leisure tasks. And there is an option to use the iPad’s camera to capture pictures and videos relevant to the child. Everything is supported by TTS and there is an option to record personal messages for every task or activity.

Our team of speech therapists and educators have also prepared sample tasks that are embedded in the Task Manager for easy user experience.

The calendar includes Day View, Week View, Month View and Enlarged View of the tasks.

The App includes rewards and clear indication when a task is complete.

V-Taskit is the ultimate comprehensive Visual Scheduler that incorporates an educational support. Your child would love it and it will help organize his daily activities.

Why V-Taskit?

V-Takit is the choice Visual Calendar for children with individual needs. It is simple to operate, allows for many options, easily edited by the caregiver and Edit options can be blocked to the child so he/she will not make changes.

It incorporates many possibilities like pre-prepared tasks, symbols and videos to simplify the usage and increase options for the user.

V-Taskit is child friendly and easy to use your child be able to use it with no time and will benefit from the first day of use to improve his/her ability to function in daily activities.

About Dynamics Speech

Dynamics Speech is the leading Pediatric Speech Therapy practice for children in South East Asia, established in 2005. Dynamics Speech is dedicated to helping children with speech, language and communication delays to overcome these difficulties. We spend most of our time doing real-life Speech Therapy and Social Skills Training.

We use our experiences to develop apps that can help the child with individual differences to perform better at school, at home and in daily living activities.

Dynamics Speech is affiliated with Dynamics Therapy Centre for Kids, which provides in addition to Speech Therapy and Social Skills Training also Psychological Assessments and intervention, Occupational Therapy, Early Intervention programs, and Educational Support.


Special Needs Apps is the name of a group within The Center of Educational Technologies (CET) that specializes in the development of applications for children & teens with special needs. The group has over 10 years of experience developing software and tools, going back to the days of CDs and websites, and currently focusing on mobile apps.

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