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Testimonials by Parents

“J joined Dynamics in 2018, he had very minimal speech and little understanding to surroundings and general matters. Within 2yrs, he has flourished into a brighter and curious boy who loves to ask questions. He can recognise words and now loves reading books. J takes pride in doing his work neatly and also enjoys socialising with his classmates! I am so grateful to all his Teachers for their dedication, love, guidance and patience. It is truly a success with Dynamics! Thank you so much.”

– J’s Mother

“I’d like to commend on teachers’ patience given to TH. TH has had a few teachers in Dynamics, he’s been enjoying the lessons. But most of all I’d like to thank Teacher Sam and Teacher MC when they took over TH’s class. They showed great patience and I can feel that TH likes them a lot. I see improvements in him as well.”

– WW (TH's Mother)

“Great quantity and quality of teaching. My daughter is very happy going to school almost everyday. I feel like Dynamics is very good for early intervention program. All the teachers are very warm and kind. They (are) also very capable to handle kids with tantrum. They strive to give the best for the kids with their own (learning) pace. Thank you!”

– Riza (Valerie’s Mother)

“JL has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Dynamics. He has overcome a lot of the earlier inhibitions and speech delay to become a young boy who enjoys learning and school. This is a school that provides a healthy and positive learning environment for children who require early intervention support to learn, blossom and get ready for the next phase of education, whether mainstream or other learning institutions. This is made possible with a tried & tested program and teaching programs which inculcate a love for learning; of course made possible only through great teachers and therapists.”

– Li Li (JL’s Mother)

“Teachers provided excellent teaching and learning for HR’s development. Teachers also provided good and conducive learning environment. They are proficient in their profession and showed good collaboration between teachers and therapists in the centre. There’s excellent parent-teacher communication (feedback) and Dynamics provide structured IEPs (follow through) for the child.”

– Rozilina (HR’s Mother)

“Teachers are patient and committed to help the students. There are regular feedbacks and we see improvement in SO. They are well equipped with services that will cover most areas which kids with ASD will require.”

– SO’s Father

“Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts dear Dynamics Teachers. With God’s Willingness, your great effort, tremendous love and support have impacted greatly in Eshan’s development. We are thankful and glad that we took on this step to enrol Eshan into Dynamics and blessed with wonderful teachers whom we parents also learnt a lot from. You will be greatly missed! We pray for your continuous success and may all the students succeed with Dynamics. Thank you!”

– Ms Badawiyah (Eshan’s Mother)

“At Dynamics EIP, our child has shown significant improvement in motor skills, concentration and speech context. She gets along well with the teachers and made new friends. We are grateful to the professionalism shown by the teachers. They have shown patience, care and attention to help my child excel. I would be glad to share with my peers about this program”

– Ronnie Tan (Julissa’s Father)

“Dear Dynamics Teachers,

We thank you for all dedicated and loving teachers and therapists, who have gone extra lengths to nurture our son, “D”. Our son has progressed a lot better since he joined Dynamics. He loves going to class and participate in the activities. Especially to Teacher MC, who patiently update us parents about his progress so I can continue the homework to make his learning process faster.

Kudos to the team and a BIG THANK YOU for all the effort!”

– Parents of “D”

“My child has attended Dynamics EIP, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy for 9 – 10 months. With the help from therapists and EIP teachers, she has progressed and improved tremendously.

9 months back, her eye contact was fleeting and attention span was mere seconds. Thanks to Occupational Therapist Yael, she can now focus and work on table tasks continuously for 30 minutes. Before starting on speech therapy, my child can only speak a handful of words. With the patience and efforts of Speech Therapist Laimon, she can now speak one complete sentence and say many single words.

The EIP teachers, Teacher Cha and Teacher Dee, have been meticulous and patient in handling my girl. Many thanks to Dynamics!”

– Parents of “W”

“Dynamics has helped our son dramatically. We could literally see him blossoming in the care and support of his teachers.His OT and ST therapists also did a very good job of bringing about a vast change in him. My husband and I love the close attention paid to his individual needs, identifying his strengths & areas of challenge and focusing on improving them. We will surely miss Dynamics and its rock solid support.

Last but not least, the Dynamics staff really cares about their students and parents. They really try to know each and every kid, their quirks and favours, and try to ease their way into the learning process.

Kudos to the EIP teachers and therapists for doing such a great job. It’s a place where kids can feel loved and safe. Thank you Dynamics!”

– Parents of “E”

“Apart from the school, the teachers were a great success factor to my kid’s improvement. They are very patient and always put our children’s development and interest as their priority. I would recommend DLC to my friends as it is an open minded school and have interest in helping our children.”

– Mrs Chin

“We liked the fact that DLC recognizes that each child has their own learning standards and that a single program doesn’t fit every child. The IEP was very comprehensive and complete and the teachers are very accessible via email and also provide weekly reports to parents. We were initially concerned with our child’s limited social development and interaction with peers. He also has speech delay. After attending DLC, our child has become more confident in social settings and does not shy away from crowds. His speech has also improved and he has picked up new words and uses more advanced sentence structure. He is also quite at ease with performing /acting/presenting in public.”

– Janey S.

“We would definitely recommend this place for a parent looking for a learning centre for a kid with special needs. We always felt welcome and have a good relationship with the team. We also like that we received weekly feedback reports. It was nice to know in detail what our son was doing in class and in therapy. As a general comment, we were very happy to find your center and we are sure it really helped Tudmael in a lot of ways, not only in the area of academics, but also his socials skills. He told me the other day, that I did not have to worry. He was okay to have to take the bus to go to his new school and he will be happy there. For a child that does not like change, it was a BIG step for me to hear him saying this!

– Ophelie Huvet

“I am happy to report to anyone who asks that the DLC program is beneficial for my son. He enjoys his time there and I am happy for him to be involved in structured activities in a supportive environment. I also like that DLC is willing to enrol my son who is 9 years old, clearly older than the age of kids expected to be in the school readiness program. I find that the staff at DLC are friendly and supportive of the kids and parents. I found the staff accepting of my parental concerns to attend sessions for the first couple of weeks so that I could make sure that my son’s special needs were being met. I very quickly felt comfortable leaving my mainly non-verbal, high needs child with the staff at DLC.”

– Cheryl Barton

“I am impressed by the professionalism and human value of the staff. It was the first time that a school took care of Cristina without my wife staying there to support her. It was also the first time that my wife got a little bit of independence! Of course it was difficult for her to separate from her little princess, but Cristina seemed not to mind it too much. Cristina is showing impressive progress during a short span of 3 months. She interacts with us more and is starting to express her needs and feelings. Her fine motor skills are also getting better. Cristina is almost 5 years old, she has CP and the contribution of DLC in the continuous pursuit of her independence and happiness is greatly appreciated.”

– Maurio Orias

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