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Why Choose Us

What differentiates EIP from other EIP centres?

  • The experts at Dynamics EIP will provide your child with an individualised program to help the student overcome learning and behavioural challenges.
  • We provide a structured academic teaching program to improve literacy, mathematics and study skills.
  • Our expert therapists and highly qualified early intervention teachers are dedicated to helping students reach their full potential, regain their confidence, and have fun learning.
  • Our teaching strategies utilize multi-sensory age appropriate techniques for optimal learning.
  • We provide individualised instruction which develops the cognitive processes involved in learning, including attention, auditory, visual, memory skills and processing speed.
  • We provide regular consultations with parents and other involved professionals to provide a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to learning.


What differentiates EIP from other EIP centres?

Watch this video by our Head of Dynamics EIP highlighting the key differences.

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