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1 Hour Advice Session

Looking for reliable and experienced advice on your child's issues? Yael Sasson, Dynamics' Clinical Director will...

20 Minute Free Call with our Therapist

Confused if your child needs therapy? Speak to our highly qualified therapists to find a solution that's right for your child...

Get a Free 2 Day Trial at Dynamics EIP

Want to know if Dynamics EIP is the right place for your child? Avail of our 2 day free trial to find out!

2 Day Free Trial at Dynamics International School

We offer prospective students an opportunity to participate in a 2 day trial!


Unsure about picking the right therapist? Worry no more! Here at Dynamics we are 100% confident we can help...

All inclusive package

10% off on 10 sessions including the assessment fees...

Mainstream and Special Educational Classes

Avail of Dynamics International School's special limited time discounts.