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Dynamics EIP Like No Other

Dynamics EIP Like No Other

Dynamics EIP prides itself on equipping students with the necessary skills to attend a mainstream school setting.

Our Competitive Edge: We maximize your child's therapeutic intervention time at our EIP by combining Multidisciplinary therapy sessions (Occupational and Speech groups) with a Trans-Disciplinary Approach in the classroom.

  • Trans-Disciplinary Approach
    First private EIP in Singapore to implement a Trans-Disciplinary Approach by providing therapeutic input in classes (Occupational, Speech and Language and Behavioural Therapy).
  • Transition to Mainstream Schools
    85% of Dynamics EIP students transitioned to mainstream schools in 2022!
  • Flexible EIP Program:
    Choose between a part time EIP or an accelerated plan for your child starting at $1800 a month.

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You can also email us at eip@dynamics.com.sg